Member Services

As a member of the San Diego Metro Region Career Center, learn about how your unique interest and skill sets can become a company’s most valuable asset by participating in our job readiness programs.

The Career Center offers:

We offer 2 types of Membership Services:

Self-directed services  Staff Assisted Services 

Self-Directed services are available to all members of the Center

(Services varies on location):

Members interested in this service must attend an Orientation PRIOR to accessing these services

Staff may assist eligible members with:

  1. Career Development Planning (Individual Employment Plan: IEP)
  2. Job Search and Placement Assistance, including Career Counseling
  3. Job development that includes working with an employer and the job seeker

Intensive Services 

Participants will need to complete eligibility forms to be determined if the participant meets WIOA eligibility guidelines.  If eligible, the participant would move onto Intensive Services. 


Under these services, the following may be available:

  • Comprehensive and Specialized Career assessments
  • Individual Counseling and Career Planning
  • Short Term Pre-Vocational Services
  • Follow Up Services after employment is attained

Training Services

Staff and the WIOA participant would agree that their job search efforts are not working and that Training Services are needed. 


Under these services, the following may be available:

  • Skills upgrading and retraining
  • Job/Work Readiness Training
  • Occupational Skills Training
  • Adult Education and Literacy Activities (combined with training)
  • Customized Training
  • On-the-Job Training  

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